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#1 2013-04-27 08:20:18

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Pana Der Hejhog

Didn’t find a better place for such a topic.
LTRP made a TAS of Pana Der Hejhog, a beautiful Sonic 1 hack, improving his previous run by about 10 seconds. However, the TAS seems to be still improveable.
I’ve made a short test run, and I am ahead by about 1 second. Enough for an improvement even if I cannot improve it further smile
I think I will TAS it this weekend, if I have mood.

(upd) commited my test run to the SVN. It shows a faster way to begin the level. However, I lose frames after that, because of different object positions, but still come to the final boss faster (this is not in SVN at the moment). Also tried to slightly change the route. See it yourself.

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