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#3 Re: Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles » Sonic & Knuckles ''any% or 100%'' » 2013-05-28 17:37:46

I got 1:57.15 in Sandopolis 1
But it is improveable, because Sprintgod's Old Sandopolis 1 TAS is beaten in 1:54.17 sad

#4 Re: Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles » Sonic & Knuckles ''any% or 100%'' » 2013-05-21 21:13:31

feeuzz22 wrote:

How it is going Qwerty?

Ooo i'm still busy with the SPZ TAS, it will take a while before I'm ready big_smile

#5 Re: Talks » off topic » 2013-05-15 20:40:39

Yes, that is from S3Kglitches, he also steal Axel54454's TAS
Does Algar and S3Kglitches know about this?
Those guys are not cool man

#6 Re: Talks » off topic » 2013-05-15 10:38:20

There is somebody who download our TASes and upload it on youtube with his name on it
His youtube account: TASSonicTheSketchhog
His Nickname: Kaizo

He downloaded my Knuckles in Sonic 2 [WIP-1] TAS and LTRP and my Sonic 2 Haz's [12.42 sec] TAS
And i think that JosephAndSonicteam is with him

I just say it, before he steal your movies, don't help JosephAndSonicteam anymore guys
Sorry for saying this, but it's true

#7 Re: Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles » Sonic & Knuckles ''any% or 100%'' » 2013-04-25 15:27:10

Yes, i hope i can improve FBZ2 in 1:17 seconds
The Lava Reef 1 zip should be working for the TAS, but i do know how i can do the zip yet sad
How about you guys?

#8 Re: Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles » Sonic & Knuckles ''any% or 100%'' » 2013-04-23 22:01:17

I got a brand new TAS

MHZ1: 0:31.43 by Qwerty
MHZ2: 0:59.52 by feeuzz
FBZ1: 0:45.50 by Qwerty (Old 0:46.44 by DMTM)
FBZ2: 1:18.01 by Qwerty (Old Unfinished by DMTM)

It's a amazing TAS

#9 Re: Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles » Sonic & Knuckles ''any% or 100%'' » 2013-04-22 20:35:28

Yes, i have the video file and i see that Flying Battery 1 is improveable
I will make a faster TAS of FBZ1 big_smile

#10 Re: Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles » Sonic & Knuckles ''any% or 100%'' » 2013-04-19 23:22:17

feeuzz22 wrote:

hey, Qwerty, when will you be on Skype again? DMTM and me are in FBZ2 now... almost finished this but we think you know a faster way, so, we need your advice on that...

I do not know when i come on skype again, can you send me the file, maybe i know there's a faster way in FBZ2 big_smile

#11 Re: Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles » Sonic & Knuckles ''any% or 100%'' » 2013-04-15 14:57:11

feeuzz22 wrote:

I'll try but can't say "I will do the best work ever"... I'll try.
It's maybe better to share wips by subversion, you may have to ask to WST how to.

I'm happy you'll try it, it does not have to be a masterpiece.
Just try what you can do big_smile

#12 Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles » Sonic & Knuckles ''any% or 100%'' » 2013-04-15 14:44:37

Replies: 21

Hello friends

You know that we are busy with the ''Sonic any%'' project
But i need your help with Mushroom Hill 2, is here someone who like to TAS MHZ2?
If you want to do it, here is the file … %25-v2.gmv

Let me know if you TAS this

Greetz Qwerty

#14 Re: Talks » off topic » 2013-04-01 21:45:35

feeuzz22 wrote:

Qwerty? why did you ask us for our skype?

Because i created an account a few weeks ago and i wanna add you on skype smile

#15 Re: Talks » Challenges ...TASed ! » 2013-04-01 21:43:03

Wow, feeuzz's run is impressive. I can see how we can beat eggman fast as possible.
But i will do that when i will start the S3K TAS again

Thanks both of you big_smile

#16 Re: Talks » Challenges ...TASed ! » 2013-03-31 17:10:19

I am uploading my video on youtube, by the description, you can download my TAS big_smile

#17 Re: Talks » Challenges ...TASed ! » 2013-03-31 00:06:20

To feeuzz22: Wow, but i am very happy that you accept the challenge with me big_smile
To WST: thanks friend, i appreciate that big_smile

#19 Re: Talks » Challenges ...TASed ! » 2013-03-29 19:47:09

Before i gonna upload the video, i want to know what your time is
My time is 1:44.10
What is your time feeuzz?

#20 Re: Amy in Sonic the Hedgehog series » Amy in Sonic 3 (Pink Knuckles) 10 Rings Collection TAS » 2013-03-29 18:31:37

WST wrote:

In level selection, to switch to the next level, press [v+start] instead of [v] [start] (1 frame instead of 2)

(upd) I have recorded an example. Somehow shaved off a few frames from AIZ1 level select bootstrap as well.
Note: the gmv is for ROM version 1.3, but somehow it syncs on 1.0. Surprising and nice. … 1-test.gmv

If you will redo this run someday, consider marking it as «by Qwerty and WST» smile

Sure i wanna do that big_smile, it is a honor that you help me

#21 Re: Amy in Sonic the Hedgehog series » Amy in Sonic 3 (Pink Knuckles) 10 Rings Collection TAS » 2013-03-29 01:13:20

WST wrote:

Found one more improvement in addition to what I posted on your Youtube channel, but it’s a minor improvement (not in-game): you lose 1 frame each time you do level selection.
I also tried to play Launch Base zone, act 1, and somehow improved it by 8 frames. I have no idea how, seriously. The ring monitor gets broken at frame 9241 (9249 in your run). Nice to mention that if I press B for 1 frame less, I enter terrain smile … vement.png

But I was not recording, only stopped your movie and tried to play myself.

Ooo that's very nice, good advice WST

#22 Re: Talks » Interesting youtube videos » 2013-03-28 17:19:21

This is one of my favourite video hahaha

#23 Re: Talks » Challenges ...TASed ! » 2013-03-28 17:12:23

feeuzz22 wrote:

Are you done Qwerty? I'm.

When you are ready I share my run (you already win I think, I can't perform ANY glitche and don't optimized as possible...)

Noo not yet, it's hard to TAS it, but i will finish it.
I buy a new Dragonball Z DVD, with Namek and Captain Ginyu SAGA, i watch that a lot.
That is taking a lot of time to watch it, but i'm almost done with watching

#24 Re: Talks » off topic » 2013-03-24 00:36:53

WST wrote:

Btw, why to start a new project?
You already have a lot of interesting projects like Knuckles@S1 or Knuckles@S2, or even Shadow@S1, why not to finish some of them instead?

Yes, i know. But sometimes if i TAS something else, it will give me the inspiration back.
But i will finish them big_smile, btw do you guys have skype?

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