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Some words about our community

Who we are

We are the Youtube Sonic TAS community — a group of people whose hobby is tool-assisted speedrunning of classic Sonic games and their modifications (hacks), founded by WST and feeuzz, and lead by incredible Qwerty. If you love Sonic games and enjoy seeing them plaid at insane speed, you came to a right place, and you are more than welcome to become one of us. Here is the complete list of our active members. Not all of them participate on the forum, though.

  • WST, also known as sylabulus, from Russia
  • feeuzz, also known as DMF, from Reunion
  • Qwerty, also known as NaturelLorenzo, from The Netherlands
  • LTRP from Canada
  • josephandsonicteam from USA
  • skychase from Canada
  • Lorenzo The Comic from USA
  • S3Kglitches from Czech Republic
  • WAKO from Japan
  • got4n from France

Our relation to TASvideos

Obviously, most of our members (but not all) also participate in TASvideos life. So, what’s the goal of having a separate board? The goal is very simple: it’s to discuss such things that may be considered off topic on TASvideos. Another reason to have a separate board is our way of making TASes. We make our runs just for fun, and most of them are very short and include only 1 or 2 levels. But, of course, we also have some serious projects.

Our projects (serious ones)

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